a todd post

happy todd day everyone, this is a todd post. i took a break from studying for some todd.

todd's parents are from syria, todd was born in new york. his name is tahmid but he goes by todd to cut down on casual racism. todd is 21 years old and he is 5'9'' tall.

todd enjoys whiskey, tits and basketball (spectating at least, he's not tall enough to be good at it). todd just finished undergrad and got accepted into med school. he's going to be a neurosurgeon. his favorite color is green.

todd molts. don't laugh cho i know you want to but don't do it. it's really funny but don't laugh okay?


some stuff i owe

delia for darktime - the master of not having readily available references anywhere in the world ever! C: no but she's really cute ngl bro.

MAC for cherry my SWEETIE!

seth for sonzabitches...i wish...sonzabitches had...a better name i could call them by...i...well. seth is a cool dude isn't he...

and well this was a trade with marcia except i decided to experiment and it came out crappy and i well. i'm sorry marcia. please forgive me. please. i did have a good laugh at how in making the hipster picture i could not use helvetica the hipster font because it was too mainstream. oh well.


pimpin ain't easy

"i think you're mad cause i get more fine dudes bitches then you meeks! ...even though you're a kid or something."
"actuary i have six girrs wait for me back in grorious nippon. each more dericate and kirei than rast! when I turn eighteen i pick one, marry her way. kirr and eat others."
 meeks has hella fiancee booty waiting for him back in japan. he's supposed to pick one before he's 18 BUT!


who are these people

EYY IS CARMEN!!! NILTZE CARMEN!!! QUEN TICA CARMEN???? boy has she ever changed a lot since the days when she was a ponyta.

sad gay cat dinosaur. and cho.

SPEAKING OF BROWN PEOPLE hello todd. it's been awhile since we've seen you man how ya been? yeah? that's cool. yeah i missed you too bro. sure is shota around here lately it's nice to see a real man.

"UGH Meeks come on man you ain't 10 anymore you're getting a little too big for this."
"What that supposed to mean Cho-san?"
"It means you're a fucking fatty get off!"
"Arrow me to be frank here Cho-san. I wirr shove my tair right down your throat if you don't be quiet and ret me sreep way. And it not a dick so I know you won't enjoy choking on it."

yeah at like 3am last night older cho and meeks happened so i drew this in class instead of you know being classy. i'm SORRY MARCIA I'LL STOP RUINING CHO NOW UWAHH!!

W-W-W-WHAO a whole post without a hint of trip anywhere?! fans self does this mean i'm branching out as an ~ ARTIST ~ no i actually think i'm branching out as a linguist - for every 3 minutes i spend drawing carmen i spend 3 hours studying nahuatl.


half a repost

no words. not a single word in sight.



alabastor gator's banette - vita, the coolest, no literally the coolest. just. there is no noun needed because she's just the best. i wish i was vita. i wish i was dating vita. i'm not even a lesbian or a pokemon but i would date vita. this is not hyperbole.
 k-k-k-k-kamaaaaaaaa for kylee! always a treat to draw kizzity ama.
i cant decide if genderbent meeks is just regular meeks with hair extensions or not but HEY MARCIA BET YOURE REGRETTING GETTING GAY MARRIED TO ME NOW LOL ah um there is a part 2 for this forthcoming with cho$ha and conservatively dressed meeks.

i'm not sorry. yes i am. i'm so, so sorry.


trip or treat

happy halloween!